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The snaps



Have a few questions guys

1. Is it true that the snaps that go under the collar are smaller than those that go in the pocket flaps?
2. Does this apply for both types of snaps used? i.e. ball stud and ring type?
3. What is the difference in size, e.g. how the ball stud snaps measure in mm or inches?
4. Anyone have any photo examples?
5. Do the repro makers follow this requirement to have 2 different size snaps on a jacket?

6. What are your thoughts?



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Those are definitely good questions, Platon. Maybe John C. will see this post and give some comments. I sure he has some good information on this subject.



Hi Ted,
I think that anybody how owns an original jacket (or repro) can answer.


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I'm no expert but I can report that the snaps on my Aero Anniversary are smaller at the collar than pockets but on my Poughkeepsie original they are the same size. I believe that this is exceptional however to the Poughkeepsie. Would be great if anyone could confirm this.

If I get time i'll photograph and add to this post.

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