the not 5* goatskin dubow


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Well, can’t say fore sure if all a-2s were issued with pulls or not, as I’ve only had or seen a few with would seem that regardless of whether or not an a-2 was issued with a leather pull, owners stationed in England or Europe often improvised a puller so that they could navigate the zipper with gloves on. One of my favs (mentioned in another thread) is the a-2 that I received with an aluminum ford tool tag attached to the zipper puller. Coins, bells, cord, and all kinds of gee gaws were used as well.
I can attest to 5 Yen coins were used by our RAAF pilots on their flight jackets as part of BCOF (occupation force-japan)
Seen quite afew in RSL clubs around Newcastle (area wwhere RAAF Williamstown and the former Catalina base at Rathmines, as well as Bankstown where a flight school was located).
It seems that due to the size and shape of the coins were perfect for the thickness of the leather shoelaces that were used as a zipper pull


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Goodness gracious, what a stunning jacket. I had failed to see this thread until just now and boy, was I missing out! Wear it (sparingly) in good health, Vic!
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pics of this one pretty much says it all. made last year? nope, made in 1942. the jacket is completely untouched and original, even the leather zipper puller. interesting that of the goatskin dubows that I have handled or owned, they were all fitted with crown zippers. the original owner a. Benedict Schneider jr [the a was for adolph, he didn't use it much] flew a scalpel, and made rank in the aaf us and England. I misplaced the read outs that jan and Natalie worked up about Schneider. the jacket fits as a true size 42 as tagged, and is inn every day wearable condition.....not that would even consider serious wear time with it. View attachment 82981View attachment 82976View attachment 82977View attachment 82978View attachment 82979View attachment 82980
Awesome A-2 Vic..