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Well, can’t say fore sure if all a-2s were issued with pulls or not, as I’ve only had or seen a few with would seem that regardless of whether or not an a-2 was issued with a leather pull, owners stationed in England or Europe often improvised a puller so that they could navigate the zipper with gloves on. One of my favs (mentioned in another thread) is the a-2 that I received with an aluminum ford tool tag attached to the zipper puller. Coins, bells, cord, and all kinds of gee gaws were used as well.
I can attest to 5 Yen coins were used by our RAAF pilots on their flight jackets as part of BCOF (occupation force-japan)
Seen quite afew in RSL clubs around Newcastle (area wwhere RAAF Williamstown and the former Catalina base at Rathmines, as well as Bankstown where a flight school was located).
It seems that due to the size and shape of the coins were perfect for the thickness of the leather shoelaces that were used as a zipper pull


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Goodness gracious, what a stunning jacket. I had failed to see this thread until just now and boy, was I missing out! Wear it (sparingly) in good health, Vic!
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