• Hey guys, I had to upgrade the VLJ software because the old one is being phased out. Please let me know of any issues in the SITE UPDATE THREAD. Thanks!

Thank you


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for following us one last time to the new location.

It's been a difficult move, but I think one for the best-we have a secure, fast server, a streamlined installation, and a great support base.

Thanks for your patience, and for putting up with the moves over the years. I hope that this is the last one

Take care,



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Chris, thank you SO VERY MUCH for our new forum.......and thanks to the moderators for all their help!! :cool: ;)


better duck

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I agree with all above: no leader without followers, in the end we all made the effort and moved, many of us taking the trouble to copy interesting posts from the old site, VLJ 3. Some of us have made this effort more than once. But I feel mainly our thanks have to go to Chris to provide the means, and Bill French and the other moderators to actually build our new home; all we "ordinary" members do is move in and use and colour our new home.


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Well...lets see. We had Vintage Leather Jackets...and Vintage Leather Jackets II on Yahoo. Then the first VLJ on this format that exploded...then the last one that went into slow motion. So...this should be Vintage Leather Jackets Number "5". :eek:


A big thank you to Chris, Kevin, Bill & others from me for our new home too.
Some people like to smoke. Some like to have a beer or other favourite beverage at the end of the day. Others just can't make it through the day without a caffiene hit, be it coffee or tea.

Me? I'm addicted to my daily dose of VLJ forum. It wouldn't have happened without the leadership and the members here - I have to thank you all.

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A belated thanks to Chris for the speedy new forum and thanks to the moderators for all their hard work and especially to Bill for his extra help to me.