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Anyone else wear the Eastman t-shirts? They have that 40's t-shirt cut with tube construction, shorter sleeves and a trimmer fit than baggy modern tees. They're not cheap but wear really well and hold up after multiple washings. Here's my two year old USMC tee after multiple washings. Looks great under an M-422a or 55714.



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I used to have one of the Goodwear t-shirts Aero sell (nothing to do with John Chapman-in fact when John was starting his company I recall bringing his attention to the t-shirt company. He wasn’t aware of them, and I guess it wasn’t an issue!) Always meant to pick up a couple more, they too are great t-shirts. I forget what fate befell mine, it was a long time ago now. Mmmm, you’ve given me an idea now, Grant!


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My hats off to you guys! I can’t EVER see myself spending $94.00 for a repro period T/Shirt. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t spend that much for a mint unworn original. But hey...... that’s why Howard Johnson’s used to sell 27 different flavors of ice cream. Everyones’ tastes are different. I applaud you both.


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Well said B-2Man,
You're absolutely right, no sane person should.
Same goes for dropping the cheddar we do on seventy year old leather jackets, let alone repros.

BTW, I've seen original WWII tees go for $300 - $700.


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Very nice, Grant!

I have a couple of U.S. WWII issues thermal undershirts, that I wash and wear on a regular basis, during winter months. They're 50/50 wool and cotton, over 70 years old, but they soldier on, wear after wear and wash after wash. Not a hole or fraying to be found.

- Ian


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Well done! I encouraged Gary for a couple years to reproduce that shirt. He really did an outstanding job on it.

Officer Dibley

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Military t-shirt with an A-2 is a bit too homagey for me.
I wear t-shirts by Johnson Motors inc, Oily Rag, Deus Ex Machina etc. Quality cotton.


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Solid color microfiber. Champion/Target are killing off their C9 line because they are too durable :mad: so I may be stuck with the $6-7 shirts in 20odd colors from Amazon. Super thin (you can snag one with a fingernail) and prone to shrinkage, but that's garment biz baby...a good price/quality balance is no longer competitive, you must provide rock-bottom price or tip-top quality.

<TMI> I wear microfiber tees because of hyperhydrosis, which causes me to perspire like a boar at a state fair. Especially while wearing leather during shoulder seasons in the humid upper midwest. </TMI>
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Nice T-shirt. I have one marked for Eagle Field. It was a training field that was in the Central Valley here in California.

Greg Gale

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I've just seen this thread. When it comes to T-shirts, it's plain white or black slim fit T-shirt from H&M for me, then I roll up the sleeves. My favorite one is an OD Tee from Primark I got for 3 GBP. There is no way I would pay 59 GBP for an ELC. I'm sure they're great and authentic, and I too like shorter sleeves, but to me it's not worth the price difference and the x20 multiplier.


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I still have my Mitchell Field T-shirt that one of the VLJ members made years ago. I can't remember who that was, but they misspelled "Mitchel Field" and put two LLs at the end which is incorrect. That aside, it's still a cool tee.


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I wear long sleeve tees a lot with jackets. Keeps the arms from getting clammy and really isn't that much warmer than a short sleeve. Usually surfing gear shirts. I have been surfing since age 13 and never fully broke away from the style. Probably never will :)