Swedish M90 camo jacket

Discussion in 'Foreign Flight Jackets' started by FtrPlt, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Picked up a pair of tanker-style jacket made using ripstop Swedish M90 camo the other day. No tags on it so not sure if it's an actual military garment; custom jacket; or just some type of mall jacket? Decently made with two handwarmer pockets; two snap-close interior pockets; and a green fleece type lining.

    Appears identical to this image found on eBay other than mine do not have the white tag visible in the attached photo.

    The only Swedish flight jacket I'm familiar with is the M90H which is used by helicopter crew. Very similar to the standard M90 jacket except for having an orange lining. Clearly a very different cut than the tanker-type jackets I picked up.

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