Sunglasses to wear with your flight jacket...


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These are trifles
This is American Optical Ful- Vue 12KGF, and yes it's sunglasses of the 40's, but this is a private purchase American Optical, and is not AN6531. These are trifles, because many pilots used gold private purchase American Optical instead of AN6531 American Optical.

Thanks for your answer! A bit dissappointed as I thought they were AN6531. How can you tell? Btw, "these are trifles" is an expression I'm not familiar with... what does that mean? :)


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these are trifles - do not worry, trivia :)
AO FV 12kgf and AO AN6531 are the same in all respects except gold, drawing on the frame, and a marking.
Ok, thanks again! So in the 40's, would it be unusual for anyone but pilots to buy these types of sunglasses? Would like to believe that mine were in fact worn by a pilot....:)


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I always wanted to have cool sunglasses and my girlfriend bought a really good pair. As clumsy as I am I managed to break them and now I needed a new pair. I wanted to buy one of the best models, but those were to expensive and I had to look for other solutions. That is how I found a lot of websites that sell sunglasses for men at good prices. I got a really nice pair for only 35 bucks and I got one for her too. She liked them a lot and honestly there is no big difference between those and much more expensive ones.


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The sun glasses look cool. Are you into jackets as well ?