"Strike Hard Strike Sure" - RAF Bomber Command


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Wimpey crews after the first raid on Berlin (25/26 August 1940)



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As I just received a book on 75 Sqn today I thought it only fitting to post a photo of 75.

"During a daylight bombing of enemy forces at Villers-Bocage on 30 June 1944, No 75 Squadron Lancaster ND917 was hit by flak splinters, one striking flight engineer Sgt P. McDevitt in the knee and causing excessive bleeding. The pilot, Sqn Ldr N. Williamson, seeing that McDevitt was losing blood rapidly, elected to land on one of the Advanced Landing Grounds on the Normandy beach-head, where medical attention could be sought. This was the first RAF 'heavy' to make use of one of these small strips. The photograph, taken next day, shows Williamson presenting bomb-aimer Fg Off G. Couth with Camembert cheese produced in the district to mark his 23rd birthday."



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The top turret gunner...


"Alone in his transparent shell,
A speck in space,
He sits, poised in his airy kingdom;
At his back the unknown,
Before him the unfolding map
Of his journey.
Guardian of seven lives,
Taut with the concentration of survival,
He swings his turret through vigilant arcs,
Eyes straining for the fighters,
Braced for the violence of surprise."

– Philip A. Nicholson


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I was going to put this in the film sub-board but I think it's more suited here.

A rather good doco and very special as it uses the only colour film produced during WWII showing a Bomber Command base, aircraft and mission to Berlin from start to finish on one raid. Very atmospheric.

I hope others enjoy it as much as I did...


Paul Glover

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Sorry for the lack of info regarding these pictures but I am sure that everyone on this forum is easily capable of researching this amazing place should they desire.
It is a V2 bomb factory and launch pad called the blockhouse, somewhere in Normandy, I have all the details but not to hand.
From memory It was closed down after a direct hit by a tallboy and possibly a Disney bomb .
If anyone ever gets the chance to visit this place it is well worth it. The scale of the building and thickness of the walls etc is an absolute eye opener.
I have some more photos if anyone would be interested?,


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My father served with RCAF bomber command from 41 to the end. He was based in leeming bar, Yorkshire. His cousin also served as a tail gunner. He was killed on his first mission.