Stop that snag or beginning hole in your knits.


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Posted in another thread earlier today.

From my own bag of tricks I have found that if you can catch a snag or the beginning of a hole in your knits at a very early stage, you can stop further damage in its tracks. I take contact cement , ( not crazy glue) but the contact type that usually comes with a small brush attached to the lid. I then take a plain wooden tooth pick and just lightly coat the outside of the very tip of the tooth pick ( the key word here is lightly, as in as lightly as possible. Then I carefully take that tooth pick and insert it into the center of the small hole and lightly touch any of the fibers that look stretched out or torn . I then back the toothpick out and wait about 30 seconds and then squeeze the hole together so that all of the Stretched fibers line up and attach to each other. Make sure you don’t have any excess glue on the outside of the cuff. Hold the hole together for about 2 minutes and then lay the jacket off to the side for a couple of hours. When you come back the torn fibers are sealed and will not unravel and further damage is stopped in its tracks. Once again the key here is very light glue as little as possible on the tooth pick and practice. If you make a mistake and have some cement showing at the sight of the repair, I’ve taken a furniture repair magic marker as close to the color of the knits as possible ( dark knits are easier to match with a dark furniture marker) and lightly go over the excess glue on top of the repaired area. Cosmetically it will still look better than the hole that was repaired. I’ll get some photos to you a bit later today of a repair in process.


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Exactely what I thought might work as well...but my lady is quite good in stitching and the result looks like a well done field repair...
As posted in a different thread I only have that problem on my ELC G-1 and might send it in for repair at a later date, for now I'll leave as it is...but it's great to read that other guys here have the same problems and come up with comparable solutions...