Stinky horse hide


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I've got a 4 year old ELC horsehide A2 that has been pent-up in my closet for about a year. The last few days have been cool enough for a jacket, so I went to the closet to break out the ELC and was greeted by sickeningly sweet/sour smell emitting from the jacket. The smell was borderline urine-like without the ammonia content (no, the dogs didn't get to it!!! :lol:).

I've worn this jacket in just about every weather condition, including drenching rain. I'm wondering if being wet could cause this? I have a LW's A2 about the same age that smells fine.

Has anyone else experienced weird smells from their horse hides?

Any suggestions on how to fumigate or refresh the jacket?


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Beero said:
Any suggestions on how to fumigate or refresh the jacket?
Try airing it outside, but out of the sun, this should do it, but otherwise .....

Place it in a plastic bag, sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda, and seal it in for a few days.

And/or spray with an animal odour eliminator from a pet shop.

This combination has worked well for me, others on the forum like to toss the jacket into the clothes drier with coffee grounds. The debate about whether to use them first continues .....


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It's a shame you don't like the smell of it, I know some of us here get a hard on from that smell (I know Hacker does :mrgreen: )