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Steele & Jones info update

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Hi After Jeremiah posted a picture of his Indy jacket I checked out the site ,I then emailed them directly and this is there reply .

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your interest on our jackets.

In order to send you the information about our offers, we need to know which style you are looking for.

Attached you'll find out pictures of the different styles.

And here a few words:


Recently we had new revelations about the Raiders jacket
A very good friend of us, who works on the Smithsonian Museum (Washington) had access to detailed information on a screen-used Raiders jacket.

We now have all the detailed info on the screen-used Raiders jacket, and we have sourced the materials.
Leather, lining, buckles. All set.
Of course, we already had the correct patterns

Our goal is to make a special run for this screen-accurate RAIDERS jackets.
Just to offer the ultimate RAIDERS jacket replica.


Based on the Noel Howard's jacket. The most known screen-used jacket, among Indy fans.
We have the accurate leather, original buckles and correct lining.

We offer the most accurate reproduction of this style.


On april 2018, we had the privilege of having access to a private study session at the Smithsonian Museum vault, on the original screen-used LAST CRUSADE jacket in the museum possession.

Precise measurements, detailed HD pictures, and all construction details where carefully noted.

We offer the most accurate replica of this jacket.

Let us know which style do you prefer, and I'll send the full information.
Kind regards,

El 27/7/2019 a las 23:12, Jeff Wyman escribió:
Hi saw your site just wondering were you still making jackets and if you are how much are they .

Rgds Jeff
STEELE & JONES / Disclaimer
This is not our main job.
We are fans like you, delivering screen-accurate gear replicas to other fans.
We ask for a little patience from you, because the process can take a little longer, but we keep in touch with you the whole time.
No standard sizing. Every garment is custom made, according to the measurements you provide.
To set the size, we ask for many measurements in order to be 100% sure about the fit.
Before the jacket is dispatched, we send several detailed images and measurements, so you can be confident about your purchase.
No return policy.


All the Best Jeff

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HERE IS SOME MORE INFO ,that came in today

Wed, Jul 31, 1:56 PM (10 hours ago)
to me

Hi Jeff,

Here is the full info on our JACKETS:

Our jackets are custom tailored.
On sizing, once we process your order, we'll ask you for several measurements.
We work those measurements together, so we can create your jacket pattern. A pattern only for you that leaves nothing to chance.

On the RAIDERS style, this are our options:


Ultimate version
Correct lambskin leather -color and texture-, correct lining -color and fabric-, correct zipper and buckles, and accurate distressing if wanted.
USD 555.- (shipping included)

Standard version:
Leather choices, all dark brown cotton lining, correct zipper, black tri-bar buckles, and accurate distressing if wanted.

Leather choices on Standard version:

Chocolate Premium Horsehide (normal or thin version)
USD 520.- (shipping included)

Chocolate Thin Cowhide
USD 370.- (shipping included)

If you need any pictures of the standard versions, let me know.

A few words on our horsehide:

We offer this horsehide skin in two thickness:

Standard = 0.7 to 0.9mm (Perfect for Last Crusade. Very good for Raiders)
Thin = 0.5 to 0.7mm (this version drapes, feels and weighs like lambskin, but with the strength of horsehide. Perfect for ToD and Raiders)

Our Premium Horsehide skins are soft and pliable with the most distinctive and subtle grain. They are vegetable and chromium tanned to a perfect chocolate color which distresses beautifully to a light brown.
It is the very best skin we have seen in the last years. And we've seen A LOT.
It's also the best for softness, touch, color, weight and drape. IT’S NOT comparable to other vendors' horsehides, which are stiff and heavy.


We ask 50% deposit to process your order and the rest once your jacket is ready for dispatch. You are welcome to pay in installments, that’s fine for us as well. PayPal and credit cards accepted.

Just let us know when you are ready, and we will send you the PayPal invoice.

The wait time is about 45 to 60 days from first payment.

Remember this is not our main job, so we ask you for a little patience, because the process can take a little longer.
We will always keep in touch with you the whole time.


As always, we dispatch our products as a GIFT. No price, or value is declared. No bill or invoice is included within or attached to the package.
If by chance, you are asked how much you have paid by a CUSTOMS officer, you should answer: Nothing. It's a gift from a friend.
This way they can't charge you any tax because there's no price basis for them to calculate any tax.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions.
Kind regards,

Thank you, I will let you know.
What do you think?
Thanks for the info.




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Only have the Disney fedora, Mickey Mouse Raiders of The Lost Ark baseball and a Tanaka M1917 .455 Eley 4.5". Need one of the jackets!