Staying Logged In


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Anyone else getting bumped every time they leave the forum? My sign on and password are remembered and will auto fill quickly enough but I am still logged out each time I leave. This is on the PC only. I stay logged in on my mobile devices.
Is it because check in on the mobile devices? If so this just started - booting me from staying logged in on the PC.


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I have not noticed anything as of late, but I have from time to time and its annoying. Could have something to do with the ISP resetting on your end or something which is basically erasing your browsing history which is something allowing the PC to remember your log in settings.


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Yes and no.

Ever since the new style forum was created I found that even when logged in if I clicked on forum header (top left)
I would be logged out. This also happened if I clicked on some internal addresses posted in a thread.

Taking a closer look at this I found that my login details on Firefox are saved for but
the links go to

Have now saved login details to both of these addresses and Firefox stays logged in.

Might be worth checking to see if this is the cause of the problem.