Morning all.
My ebay gamble purchase has finally turned from the US!
I got very lucky with this as I wasn’t stung for import charges and overall didn’t pay over the odds for a mint G-1 ($199 posted).
Straight out of the box I noticed the knits are original and in near perfect condition as is the faux mouton collar.
The leather has a blemish on one of the arms possibly from storage but for a jacket that’s 45 years old it’s obvious the jacket has been in a collection and hardly worn. My missus genuinely thought it was brand new!
My only small gripe is the leather zip toggle is missing and the zip needs lubricating a bit so I’ll get a bit of vaseline on it later.
As can be seen from the pics below it fits me great and is fast becoming my favourite jacket.


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Beauty! You did well to avoid import charges-I haven’t bought from the US for years because of them. I’m sure somebody will have a zip puller knocking about-I may even have one myself, although it will be goat, whereas I’m fairly sure your Star is cowhide. But any bit of leather will do, or use what you want, dice were popular with pilots, as were coins.


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I’m sure I’ve got a zip puller somewhere, but I’ve had a ferret around and I can’t put my hand on it. It’s nothing much, just a scrap of goatskin. As I said, any bit of scrap leather, leather bootlace, will do the job. Whatever works. Or if you look on EBay there are fancier alternatives available.


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Soap, as stated and pencil. Graphite works a treat. Then roll it up both ways. Had that issue with a Buzz Rickson Crown on an L-2A. Just need to work the edges off the teeth of the zipper until it is happy. Probably unworn, given the condition.