I'm enjoying this thread with the different views and all.
I haven’t been here in a while.
The only one familiar is Scott (ButteMT61).
I remember him from that other place that has a lounge and
you have to remove your fedora before going in! :D


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Simply tell them to check 'completed items' with a worldwide filter for their item on eBay as a standard response. If you want to be more helpful do it for them and post the link. If you're not interested then just ignore it.


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Seems to be more riff-raff coming in and posting bullshit threads. I've seen two today already.


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True Tim. I don't know why they waste their time joining and posting rubbish here. They should have to answer questions related to why they wish to join VLJ and what they can offer the forum before being allowed to join.


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Remember you aren't allowed to dislike those junk posts. I know this thread was old but just reread it so will add my opinion as if it was still summer. I just saw a topic in Russian and didn't even click on it(as suggested). Remember, new blood or not, such topics cheapen our forum and do put an unnecessary load on the unpaid mods so I certainly won't defend them as needed activity. I have opened other forums that I haven't visited in a few years and they are topic after topic spam. You can find info only if you enter a search and then it is old info from when the forum was alive. Of course we don't have that problem but it can happen. I think FB and perhaps SnapChat, etc. are big reasons we have less activity. Those are a quick fix we are growing accustomed to but they are unlikely to last(remember Photobucket's crap?). I for one have quit FB and prefer a longer lasting forum platform - one uncluttered with shallow threads or eval. only questions that will have no long lasting value.
Hope everyone has a happy Christmas!


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Yes, we like depth and not shallow posts that offer nothing in real interests sake. So in that regard I say to all " Merry Christmas and a Happy New Jacket"