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Somebody has pictures of Goatskin Bronco 29191 from Aero Leather?


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Morning everyone,
I'm looking for the Pictures of Bronco 29191, goatskin from Aero Leather. I googled but all photos seem obviously from Aero Bronco 29191 horsehide.

Maybe someone in our Forum has owned a goatskin Bronco from Aero Leather, thanks a lot



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I have an aero AN-J3 made with goatskin somewhere in my house. I can’t find it right now but let me assure you that the goatskin is fantastic!!! Thick yet very soft and a very nice and rich brown color. Does that help?

Ken at Aero Leather

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You should contact murray@aeroleatherclothing.com he's been going though our old stocks of leathers and showed me some lovely goatskin the other day, Seal Brown I don't think there was loads, maybe only enough for a few jackets
I wouldn't hang about on this one as he was going to cut it all into M422a's as we are virtually out of stock of these