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Some patches I made during the weekend.


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Today it's raining all day. So it's time for a patch. The 489th Bomb Squadron.


One-eyed Jack

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I can't do any one thing over a weekend except sleep till noon. So, it's safe to say that these two took me quite a spell. I got hung up, painted over, and started again. Now I'm happy enough to have them join the other three Doolittle patches at our museum.
The lion was the 37th Bomb Sqdrn of the 17th Bomb Group.The helmet was the 89th Recon of the 17th. It became the 432 Bomb group some time after the Tokyo Raid. A version of the helmet is in modern use somewhere and is different enough that it's wrong for the Raid. It's only my interp from the limited clarity of old photos.May I see your artistic license, registration, and proof of insurance, please?
Scan 15.jpeg
Scan 12.jpeg

One-eyed Jack

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The WRIGHT patch that I made for our air museum was my first in decades, and the first since I lost one of my eyes. I liked it, but the edges were sloppy and not circular. Not Lt.Col. James H. Doolittle quality.
I brought the patch home thinking I might have to repaint the whole damn thing.
Instead, I carefully, and soberly, cut out the arrowhead. I carefully cut a new leather circle and painted it a lighter shade of brown.
I glued the arrowhead in place and then stitched it on, with silk thread, no less. I then painted over the stitching and gave it all a couple coats of acrylic (satin) topcoat.
Back to the museum tomorrow with a patch that matches the quality of the other four.
Scan 13.jpeg