Some of the 4th FG and a lot of A-2s


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Just realised that's it's over half a year since I last did a "Dude of the Day", so high time...

1st Lieutenant Hipolitus T Biel, 334 Sqn of St. Paul, MN.



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Dude of the Day...

Lt Frank Speer (Allentown, PA) having just returned from a mission, fills out his report as his Crew Chief William E. Brong (centre) looks on.

(BTW Frank's books, "Wingman", "One Down, One Dead" and his history of the 4th, "Debden Eagles" are all tremendous)...



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Whilst we're about it, another great shot of Vic but an earlier one with his Jug which carried the same artwork and moniker.

Like a lot of RAF boys he picked up a penchant for using a polka dot silk scarf from his time as an Eagle in the RAF, and you can see him wearing it here.

Easily one of the "coolest" of the 4th. He was ridiculously popular with the ladies.

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