Some new projects of mine


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These few jacket took 1 full year for my tailor to complete, whom quite un-willingly to take my order or reluctantly took my order cos Given the very specific distance of one seam to another, they are obviously not the easier job for him to earn his bread & butter :< but I have co-op with him for over 30-40 jackets maybe, so we have an mutual understanding !
Some of them are not military , but is definitely retro, including the 2 outdoor Parka. I hope it does not break the rules here since I hope it is fun to share with the like-minded & serve as a record of my own "achievement" cos it really takes a tone of heard blood to do one - labour of love
1) complete restoration or a shabby original Cable & Raincaot A2 , with new made patch added.
The right side of the zip has broken, it took me quite a while to find one with a matching "teeth distance" & teeth material. Now - the almost unavailable anywhere in the world Kwik zipper has been restored !

All others are repro.
The long 20's peacoat is copied from a specimen from a guy in the FL. This Long version is the 1 & only one specimen that I can locate. There are quite a few mid- length specimen, but long version = No.
The 13 star buttons are original that I have bought in 3 diff lots from eBay & eTsy. Lining are all wool, different to the 40's version. There are tones of details to be written about these 20's Peacoat, the details are quite very different from the 40's,10 button, non 13-star Peacoat - just see the photos 1st. Qs welcomed
Pls note the fonts are the same as the original, except I have put my own name on it :>
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