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Some more "TIES stuff"


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thanks for the flowers!

The colours look a little odd, though. Have you used the flashlight? Or is it the pink wall in your....well, whatever a room of that colour might be for...o_O


Thomas Koehle

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Is that your new man cave!?
Ties we clarify that via pm ... :)

Actually the pics were taken at a location which previously was the Garage which is part of our house and is now mainly used by my wife as kinda "household room" (do not know how to Name it otherwise) - the ironing board is there and a small workbench for me
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Thomas Koehle

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and some more stuff done by TIES ...

he did the shoulder "Westie" patch as well as the ATC patch (shown before in another thread) and also did the roundel around the greenland shoulder patch on my right sleeve ...

i plan to wear the jacket next week when i Need to go back to Alabama and hope not to get pulled over by the cops coz of the kinda "Special Details" on the ATC :)

TIES did a superb Job - like he does with all the things (stencils, patches, sewing) he did before for me

THX Ties for such cool pieces along with your suggestions you gave me for patching up the jacket with something "different" - not just always those Bomber or Fighter squadrons ...


Thomas Koehle

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and still more:

WW2 Airforce mechanics coverall (still evidence of USAF rank insignia on both sleeves) converted into a postwar commercial mechanics coverall and will be worn by my wife when we visit the next vintage motorbike race

all stencils and markings done by Ties