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Some more stuff found ...

Thomas Koehle

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Well that's actually like X-mas even though we are in Feb already ...

Whilst renewing the floor in my "mancave" (still underway)

i Need to shift around furniture to get enough space to work properly - so i try to get a part of the room free and pile all items in the rest of the room - rearrange every on top of the already new Planks and work my way through the whole room

shifting cupboards means empty them, shift them and refill. Lots of things i already forgot get into my Hands and some of you might know that "Wow! What cool crap - didn't even know i still own it ..."

This is my 3 rifle scabbards - all WW2 stamped - one of them literally unused - the smaller one on the top is made for the M1 carbine and is rarely ever seenmanufactured by FROEHLICH 1943, the one in the middle is stamped BOYT 1942 and the unused one on the bottom is stamped FULLTON 1943

i also own a repop for tho be used on my Willys

another rare find is this Djungle med pouch - the pouch itself ain't that rare but the fact that it is still filled with all (or at least 95%) items which have been issued with the pouch

also found 2 NOS Thompson mag-pouches for the 30rd mags which are stamped USMC 1943

and finally 2 canvas pouches / scabbards for the Thommy gun - the one on the top is the later Version for the gun with Magazine attached, - the lower light-Khaki one is the very early Version which accepts the weapon without mag only

will see whatelse will Pop up when continuing ...

PS: what i found also is some pics of gear i had and sold it - could kick my own arse for what i did (but i was Young and needed the funds ... :) )

Thomas Koehle

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my granduncles Luftwaffe crusher - yeah nobody in Germany called them crusher back in the days and the Visor is that stiff it would not be possible to fold her without any damages ... - "de-nazified" thus the eagle is missing

Airforce - do not know the period when it has been manufactured - maybe someone can helpout when interpreting the contract-no.
funny Thing: i found the cap during my honeymoon in Kenia almost 33 years back

and some more random stuff