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SOF A-3 cap, planet of the apes or not


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To me the caps are what you are looking for they look pointed because the head there using is to big for the cap so it cannot be pulled down to the correct position . The top cap is a bigger size so it fits as it should . Just the person who set up the hat for the shoot did not have 2 caps the same size .



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The photographed head may be too big but that just shows how incorrectly huge the crown is - all the way pulled down and still lots of room left. The crown on original and correct repros should be much shallower and be tight on the skull before maxing out on your ears.
If a person/company has the skill and/or the equipment/connections to have these made why not do it correctly? They have done all the hard manufacturing part. An original is not hard to copy so why have the "good enough for most" mentality? Amazing.


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Eastman Leather is offering their A-3 cap again and WWII Impressions offers a really nice A-3 for the price.


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