Show us your...jacket that you're excited about right now


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It's certainly a woman's jacket, or an extra-extra small men's size. Interesting art. Definitely in the civilian realm.
Eta I see it's a 36 rather than a 30.


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so the jacket is fake not from US?
It’s a pretty reasonable reproduction with a lot of the features of an issued jacket-goatskin, Scovill zip (although the 55-J-14 contract would not have had one of those), and what looks like a proper mouton collar, by a company-or previous incarnation of it-which did have military contracts, so I wouldn’t be too despondent.


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No ... the jacket is from the US but it’s not an original issued military (USN) jacket. It’s a jacket made for commercial sales . We in the US refer to it as a reproduction of an original military jacket .
I see, thanks you very much for the information..