Show Us Your Eastman A1s, A2’s, B-3s, B-6s, D-1s. Irvin’s. B-10s, B-15s, and Buzz Ricksons’ etc.


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Thank you,,I’m just glad she is still with me,had major surgery 8 weeks ago & she is now being treated like a queen for whatever time she has left,,thankfully her meds are keeping her pain free & she is happy ,,were as I’m stressed out my nut & skint :)
Strangely enough I know exactly how you feel.
My son just lost our beloved Golden Retriever yesterday. Probably from the same disease. It’s hard and heartbreaking to see an animal go through that.
Good Luck to you both .


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all of this "show me yours" reminds. me of when the little girl an boy were on a play date. the little boy said to the little girl, "ill show ya mine if you show me yours. the little girl said, uh, sure, ok, you first. the little boy unzips his pants and whips out his kid worm, and says to the little girl, "I betcha aint got one of these, do ya huh?". the little girl ups her play dress and peels down her kiddie panties, and says, " I got one of these, and with one of these, I can get all of those that I want".
Here is my ELC RW1401P from a few years agoView attachment 43206View attachment 43207
Like this RW a LOT...
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Here's my ELC Irvin purchased new in 2007. Sorry the photo is from last year (I'll take a more recent one shortly when I get a chance). Scarf is one of those silk escape jobs which is now in the clutches of my daughter and therefore I'm unlikely to see it again.



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My "mondaymorning" Eastman Irvin. I bought this jacket from a guy in Germany (maybe Ties ??? but I'm not sure) for reenactment purposes. All eyelets in the waistbelt has a very sloppy setting, the hangerchain came off at one side and the jacket had the dreaded plastic male RiRi zipp. I've changed the zipp with an original DOT zipp which came out of an damaged Irvin Airsuit. I also used the label and put it over the Eastman label. I discoloured the back of the collar, the tapes and waistbelt to put some more life in the jacket. Not sure if I like it... Some pics: