Show Us Your Eastman A1s, A2’s, B-3s, B-6s, D-1s. Irvin’s. B-10s, B-15s, and Buzz Ricksons’ etc.


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First off, thank you guys for al the kind comments. This is such a welcoming forum, especially for those who don’t do a lot of social media. I was a little apprehensive, but no more!

Ausreenctor- the blue hat with writing is just a store bought Abercrombie and Fitch but the all blue wool hat is one of Eastmans WWII Navy reproductions. It has a leather sweatband inside and is well made. The bill is just a bit longer than current ball caps but not too bad. It fits snug on the dome which I like.

Mr. Mike, I love both the L2A and the B-10. While I tend to wear both in warmer weather, the L2A is great for late Spring and early Fall or a rainy night in the summer. I like the nylon when it is warm but wet out or when warm and breezy. I find it cuts the wind better than the B-10 and of course the B-10 doesn’t shed water. With the fur collar and alpaca lining, I think the B-10 is definitely a warmer jacket and certainly looks warmer when worn. I find the two compliment one another and rarely find myself struggling about whether to wear one or the other. I love the fit of both, but find the L2A to be sportier personally and maybe feels better for me with a pair of sneakers. Watch the sizing on that one though, I went a size smaller and did not regret that at all.

Thanks again all. I do love all these jackets. The Star was my favorite for about a year, but now I am really into the Monarch. Both are just starting to show some great patina. Deciding which jacket to wear is such a great problem to have! I look forward to participating in many more posts here.
Thought it might have been an ELC from the profile. Great to see a passionate ELC customer and advocate!


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Here is my current collection of BR and Eastman jackets. In the first pic, left to right, BR L2A, BR B-15C and Eastman B-10. In the second picture, all the hides are Eastman, a A-1 in .50 cal finish, Star Sportswear, a Monarch and the M422A. I have been very happy with the quality on all of these and like many here on this forum, already have my sites set on one or two more. My biggest challenge was with fit. I am between a 40 and 42, stand 5-11 and weigh in at about 168lbs. I went with 42's on all except the L2A which is a 40 and haven't really regretted it. I would rather have them just slightly bigger than too small especially at my age, although I intend to try to stay in shape.View attachment 57886View attachment 57887
Had this been the jacket route I’d taken from day one I think I’d have been set.