Show Us Your Aero’s Vintage and Lightly Worn, or Sheepskin as Well


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The next in our “Show Us” series is for all of you guys who have been patiently waiting to jump in here, and show us your Aeros. ( and for the rest of you who haven’t had a chance to show us your jackets, don’t worry the next thread will open the door to whatever jackets you own and would like to display for us ). Once again thanks to all of you guys who have participated in this series and I hope you are having as much enjoyment as I am in seeing and hearing about these great looking jackets . :) Aero 15142-P


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Here's my Barnstormer, one of my favourite jackets. I bought this from a chap in Denmark back in 2013. He'd bought it from another bloke and it was obvious that neither of these fellows had virtually worn it. Like my Irvin I posted in the ELC thread this photo is from last year and the lighting is bloody terrible in it, so I'll endeavour to take a better, more recent snap in the next few days. Brown CXL FQHH, easily the prettiest leather I've owned or seen.


Ken at Aero Leather

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Great to see you again, Ken, and to see that beauty of a jacket.
That’s definitely one of the classic Aero’s around here. I really enjoy seeing it.
Good to see you posting .

There will be four more A-2s made in this rare leather showing up on our website next week
Made from a previously undiscovered bundle of FQs recently unearthed in our leather store

These will be the last ever, numbers 2-5 of only 5 that exist