Show Us Your “Vintage” Good Wear Jackets.


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Hmmm not sure I know the right answer Stanier but Silver Surfers jacket of the same contract as mine has it also so it’s possible it was a peculiarity of that Aero contract


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Just looked in the Eastman book at there Aero, looks to my eye that has the large size label on there 16160


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I haven't bothered to do research on the dude, but the gold leaf rank tabs make it pretty clear he was a wheel who didn't wear his A-2 much. One thing pretty cool is the weight and thickness of the goatskin John used back in the day are identical to the original. The Good Wear has obviously seen significantly more wear than the original.


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Those are two jaw-dropping jackets, Grant. Interesting that the original doesn’t appear to have the purple knits.


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To keep the thread going, heres a previously owned Good Wear Acme 21996, that I picked up a few years ago that turned out to be a great jacket. It has a great Crown zip that I think is the real thing , not a repro, ( If one of you more experienced guys know differently, please let me know ) It’s definitely a long term keeper.


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One of my all time favorite A-2s, but I don't know if it qualifies for the ten year vintage category. Proud to present my GoodWear Dubow 20960 contract. Purchased pre loved from a fellow VLJ member, I've had the jacket for five years now. Funny, no matter how many flight jackets you own, there are always a select few that you keep wearing more than all the others. For me this is it.
Dubow 20960 -1_zps9hfhgght.jpeg
ebay 03-17 Dubow 20960-6_zpsjcixeecj.jpeg
ebay 03-17 Dubow 20960-4_zpsy8eejr0e.jpeg
ebay 03-17 Dubow 20960-3_zpscc3imqje.jpeg
ebay 03-17 Dubow 20960-2_zpsshfumomg.jpeg
ebay 03-17 Dubow 20960-1_zpsdfdqpnyh.jpeg


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I can see why that’s one of your favorites.
Love the grain on that hide.
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