Should i bother restoring ?


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I don’t see that one going up on the auction block anytime soon. Wise choices on the accessories as well. (Name tag etc). I know I know I said don’t do it but nobody ever listens to me anyway..... and now I see why! :rolleyes:


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What an awesome looking goat !
Was that one of yours at some point?
That definitely shows what you’ve always said, don’t baby it , and just treat it like what it was meant to be, a piece of kit or clothing!
Unfortunately not mine it's Mike's (he's Bluebottle here at VLJ) jacket which he bought and posted over at the Salon du Chapeau back in about 2007. I was blown away by it then and still am now as it is some of the best looking, aged goat I have ever seen. It really shows how old goat which has been worn hard can look and develop patina just as good as (some might even say better than ;) ) horse or cow/steer hides.


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Great work..Great of the best choice...
Would have done it precisely this way, inspite of the “crapola” tendency here.
Super, super super...5 Stars ( UK 5 Stars... ;) )
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Very nice job and looks very very nice. Given what a new one costs with the fake timeworn finish, this jacket is worth considerably more than £300, IMHO