Sheeley Gearing Up For M-422 Jacket


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Beautiful, ok, where can I get an unpatched size 40 or 42 (depending on actual measures) G&F navy jacket or H L Block navy jacket and have it restored by Dave? And what's Dave's wait time.... and you get a nice clean jacket with no "funky" odours etc? Sorry but hygiene is always a worry for me on used clothing. But I do have some and been on the journey!
I wish I could answer those questions but Dave would have to give you that info. His time lines can vary depending on what’s on his plate. But... the good news is that you’re more likely to find the jackets you mentioned in the sizes you want than in the larger sizes like this 46 . It’s the only Pritzker in a 46 I’ve seen a quite a few years . With 40s and 42s I think you’ll do a lot better with your search.


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Okay but just a sneak peak!

I've still got to hand stitching the zipper back in place. As a max effort restoration I chose to hand stitch it back in place. That is rather than running it with a machine which takes only minutes. Thereby eliminate the possibility of creating extra stitch holes and maintain using 100% of the original work on both the front and back panels. In doing it will take many times longer but in my mind worth the effort.

I'll post a complete front once completely stitched.

View attachment 40339\

I wanted a vintage look for the jacket and faded a dark brown collar for 6 months to achieve that look.

Some results from the Switlik's zip tracks hand stitch work.
View attachment 40388

View attachment 40391

The standard Switlik M-422 zipper as seen above. It is an original blackened brass M-39 Talon that I sourced. Also the exact same model zipper assembly used by three different make mil spec jackets. To include the Switlik M-422, Monarch A-2 and W&G 85956 M-422A. Also please note the fresh stitch work done on the wind flap. As I also broke that wind flap panel to correctly duplicate it's pattern.

The Switlik wind flap is yet another example of feature that is always unique any particular given maker. Needless to say, I am always amazed by the intricate designs employed by each. Especially the single panel design like used by Switlik for their jacket. These USN type wind flaps are not unlike a finger print that separates it from all others. Unless removed and patterned complete it cannot be altogether correctly duplicated period.

More soon!

Cheers, Dave

Amazing handiwork.


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Hi All,

See some more Progress pix.

Switlik M-422 Lower Front.jpg

Note that in doing this restoration the original holes on my original jacket were reused both front and back as seen below.

Switlik Inside Lower Zip Tab.jpg

A time consuming exercise that I generally do on my personal restorations. Even more worth while with this beyond rare jacket.

Through my efforts I will have given this beyond rare M-422 USN jacket a new lease on life. This coming January my Switlik M-422 will be exactly 80 years old and definitely a survivor. Going forward a model and permanent reference for my same jacket reproductions going forward.

More later!

Cheers, Dave.
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Clearly you gents have an appetite for detail. Here's the collar and mouton. I'm not sure what the right word is for the mouton but "voluptuous" keeps springing to mind !View attachment 65732
View attachment 65734
andView attachment 65734

'Seductively decadent' would also be appropriate! ;)
Absolutely gorgeous! As one partial to USN jackets, I'm envious!
M422As would look like a tent on my frame.
Wear it in good health and with all due smugness!
Hats off to @Maverickson!


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Hi All,

I wanted to add that my M-422 USN reproduction jacket is among the most unique USN flight jacket designs that I have encountered to date. It goes without saying that it would have been quite impossible for me to have been able to ascertain all the different nuances of this jacket's design had I not been able to source the two originals that I now have in my personal collection.

Furthermore to have had the good fortune to have taken the time to have personally completely dissected and expertly patterned my size 40 (which had been previously altered and subjected to numerous amateurish repairs) and then restored it complete. While the other (size 38) remains untouched since leaving the factory in the late winter of 1941. Both of which enabled me to recreate the most accurate of patterns for my jackets and maintain permanent references.

My size 38 is seen on left and the size 40 on the right.

Pair Of Switlik Jackets jpg.jpg

One of the obvious & more unique of the many factory nuances of the overall M-422 design is the size of the collar. That specific size of which varied (to say nothing of exactly how that collar was aligned or attached) among the the three M-422 makers. The largest of which was the Monarch and the smaller being the W&G. In addition, the size of the M-422 collar was larger than any and all subsequent USN flight jacket contracts.

That larger size collar is easily exemplified in the following original pic of my size 38 (as seen above) which was taken of the original owner on Attu Island Alaska during the Aleutians Campaign.

Percy On Attu Wearing Switlik.jpg

The list of the unique design difference goes on and on. Some of those differences are obvious. While on the other hand many are not. The majority of which cannot be gleaned from a one dimensional image. When worn the feel from this make jacket is ultimately completely different from the other two M-422 makers.

Cheers, Dave
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