Sewing patches on nylon

London Cabbie

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Good Morning/ Afternoon.
I have just purchased an Bob Dong Navy L2b was wondering where can I get good era patches from and also best advice for attaching said patches to nylon. Thanks.


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ebay (but I think nowadays more than half of everything offered are repro's of variable quality, so do the investigating).
LJ Militaria has a lot of original patches, but prices are stunning.
There are a few other commercial patch makers, should be easy to find them on the internet.

Have them sown on by a local seamstress as per usual.
Normally through outer shell and lining.


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Take a peek at some older posts to see what's appropriate for the L-2B. Tactical Fighter Squadron, as opposed to Fighter Interceptor Squadron.... Work out what Squadrons flew under which Command.

Silver Surfer

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my l-2b repro is set up with a cloth Edwards afb chest patch[yellow and black], and on the right shoulder, a atf-23 [northrop McDonnell Douglas team ] cloth patch. the jacket came with a usaf decal patch on the left shoulder. I have always liked the Edwards afb idea of being "the place where things happen" sewing them on by hand is easy......and cheap.