Sefton A-2 size 44


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If anyone is interested here in France, an A-2 made by Sefton

It seems to me that these jackets have a good reputation.

The seller is also offering a lost world’s A-1 for 650€

I don’t know if these are over evaluated but if somebody is interested I can do the commissioner. ;)


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The Sefton is actually a nice early A2 repro . The UK company was putting them out early on and it’s a well made jacket that was liked by most who owned one . Unfortunately the company was pretty much a small one man show and couldn’t keep up with the competition like ELC . So they stopped making jackets . If you can find one today in your size, it’s worth trying to get a hold of one. Just an opinion :)
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Officer Dibley

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I paid £95 for mine in 1996. It got stolen in 2002. If i ever catch the person who stole it, they will understand what alternate things a cordless drill can be used for - whilst duck taped to a tree in the middle of a forest where no-one but me can hear them scream....