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    The felt was somewhat a unique material that Schott use, but like the previous post said, gluing a layer of material to the rough side of leather is a standard fashion practice. It's called fusible lining/interfacing. It is to prevent stretchy leather stretch while going under the walking foot machine and getting sewn at small curved areas. It's just that Schott used a very thick fusible lining to give the stiffness, don't know why. Later on they dropped it, so if you handle the current production (actually, it's been 10 years now) HH, it's a lot softer and lighter, it's like a paper box, but supposedly will wrinkle up faster.
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    Wow, I'm seeing this years after the fact. I can't tell you how many times I thought about doing this, I just haven't had the leisure! I may STILL do it. Though that lining makes the jacket incredibly warm, it's a bulky pain in the ass when it's not freezing. Personally, I think it gives the company an excuse not to use the thicker hides. I'm no company loyalist. Also, if it was such a great idea, when did the company stop this process when they started to get called out on it? (And I happen to know they did.)

    Losing a big piece of writing is frustrating as hell. Whenever I get seriously involved in writing, I habitually keep a doc file updated so the whole bitch can crash and I'll still have a saved file.


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