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Discussion in 'Repros' started by Jonesy86, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Jonesy86

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    I purchased this used SB Memphis not long ago at a pretty good price, accept it cost a lot so ship from Australia. But I received it very quickly. I think it is a very beautiful jacket. Some of the panels have different texture than others with more grain showing. But, I like the contrast. The only thing I have kinda not gotten used to is the length. When closed it sits just above my belt line. What do you all think? Love that Shinki!

    Memphis fit pic flat front.jpg
    Memphis fi pic closed.JPG
    Sorry for the blurry photo, with poor lighting, but I think it makes my point.
  2. Steve27752

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    Berkshire, U.K.
    Nice jacket, but to me it is too short in the body.
  3. Jonesy86

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    Yeah, I think you are right. It is a bit of a gamble for me buying used jackets online. Have mostly done well, but a few blunders along the way. Still love that Shinki!
  4. Roughwear

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    It would be fine with higher waisted vintage trousers.
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  5. Jonesy86

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    I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the tip. I was thinking of picking up a pair of HPA Sugar Came 1947 Selvage-Denim Pre-
    shrunk. Probably go for 36" waist to allow for stretching, but the front rise is only 12". If I went for the 38" I would get 12.5 front rise, but they would probably be too big. I have a pair of RRLs with the same problem. The front rise is higher but the waist is too big. I guess that is what belts are good for though.

    Thanks again for your input.
  6. johnwayne

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    Aero Scotland do some nice vintage style trousers that are maybe a tad pricey but authentic and poss a little warm for Oz!
  7. Garylafortuna

    Garylafortuna Active Member

    Lots of room for a Sam Browne or a Batman utility belt. That leather looks boss. You are well on the road to becoming a serious collector David.
  8. Miles

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    That’s the ticket . Gotta rock vintage all the way when wearing a jacket this squared. Same goes for my LW ANJ-4

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