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Ken at Aero Leather

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I know a lot of forum members talk about their experiences of visiting Eastmans’ and the cool stuff they have, but I think that I’d opt for getting into Aeros’ basement and checking out what’s hidden in there. It seems that every so often stuff is being found that was stored years ago .

Ken at Aero Leather

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That battered tan is nice Ken
It's going to look a lot better once it wears into a more consistent colour.
All of that "ageing" occurred during make up and the jacket getting pulled through the sleeve lining before finishing.
My Seal Battered Horse went through that two-tone look just after it was made, a couple of weeks abuse brought out a cosistent worn look


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Could you provide some help with the sizing please? I wear usually size 8,5, but military gloves run mostly big, so I'm not sure what size could fit me.
Thanks in advance.