Saigon in January 2020


Hello leather folks!

I will be in Ho Chi Min city from January 12th next month, and If I have enough time I would like to go to visit the Vietnam war museum ( I remember someone here posted pics about not long ago ) and if there's chance to find some old vintage leather stuff.
Any idea or suggestions, markets, or any area where to look for?



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Vietnam is a great place to visit.. so is Dan Sinh market.
You will be approx. the 200 Million’st tourist since approx.1988, asking the same and visiting the same market searching for the same.
Good stuff can still be found... but only via private contacts... surely not ( anymore ) on these kind of markets ( all shopkeeper buy mostly from the internet ... to resell as original Vietnam war... or fake and forge...).
Great place anyway.
I live there approx. 4 months a year.