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Run Silent Run Deep... Some great deck jackets in there...


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I was watching "Run Silent Run Deep" lately. In my opinion one of the best submarine movies ever, and starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster, with a story written by a real WW2 Sub-skipper, what could go wrong?
What I noticed for the first time (shame on me) is the fact that there are a lot of nice deck jackets of various versions to be seen...especially in the end, when the crew buries her fallen skipper at sea, there is a great scene with the sailors wearing a mix of N-1s, hook deck jackets and some an earlier zip deck jacket thrown in as well...Clark Gable also wore a nice hook deck jacket in the movie...

So if you watch the movie next time,.pay attention to the jackets...makes me look forward to the time I can give my BR deck jackets some more wear time again...
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Tks for sharing. Unlike my impression, all the front & back of the jackets & shirts worn look very clean in the sense of no stencil [even USN stencil], no ship name, no patches - just plain.
Haven't watch the whole movie, have it indicated what exact year was it talking about ?
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