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Rules 1 and 2 of A-2 fit


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Rule 1: If you can layer under an A-2, IT'S TOO BIG.

Rule 2: If you can't layer under an A-2, IT'S TOO SMALL.
It's all so clear now. After this, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, should be asking any further questions about A-2 fit.
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Only rule I trust - it must be comfortable! Same goes for any item of clothing.

Comfortable does not mean baggy or ill fitting. Ideally it should fit you closely, not tightly, and flatter your figure. It means you almost forget you’re wearing the garment - it becomes part of you and you don’t give it a second thought after you put it on.

I remember my first Aero A2. People over at the Fedora lounge insisted it fit me spot on and that the length was “spot on”. It looked ok stood still in the mirror, but I knew the jacket was too short when I wore it moving around. Every time I wore it I spent my time pulling the jacket down as it rode up above my jeans. Consequently I never bonded with it and knew I had to move it on. Every jacket since has had more length added to the body. Period correct? No. But vastly more comfortable in the real world...and ultimately that’s what should matter!


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I think the way jacket looks does not appear in isolation. In the old days and in WW2 people wore high waist trousers like Simon Cowell. Sitting down and crouching there is no chance of a builder's bum on show.
Likewise jackets does not appear short when wearing these high rise trousers.

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