RM Dubow A2 size 42. Opinons on fit?


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Hi. Many thanks to Kevin for the jacket. It's condition is exactly as how he described it, barring a few cat hairs or so. :lol: Fits very trim. Not so much in the chest, but it's tight in the shoulders (I've read that the Dubow is supposedly a bit more tighter in the shoulders than other contracts?). The sleeves fit fine, unless I'm driving, in which case they ride up. What does everyone think of the fit? I do weight about 20lbs more than Kevin, but a good 10lbs of that is just winter pelt I'm soon going to be rid of (fingers crossed). Covered my face to hide my many double chins (and I'm shy). I'm 5'9, 180lbs.

Comparison to my Gibson and Barnes civil A2 size 42 (in hindsight, should have gotten a 40, but I didn't know anything about jackets back then, blindly followed the sales guy's advice, and thought for the past year that this is how a A2 was supposed to fit). Space enough for me to layer a sweater in winter which came in pretty handy.

Also my favourite lambskin which is medium (38-40) and the chest on this is about 22 1/2 inches.

Any opinions on the fit and advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.


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indigo_junkie said:
Any opinions on the fit and advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.
It looks good, Indigo .... I think the fit is spot on. I have two of these, both a little longer in the sleeve, but I'm a few inches taller at 6', 172 lb.

Yes, the back is narrow on the Dubow, but I like that look, and it should be comfortable. If the jacket does bind under the arms, think about what you are wearing with it. A lot of modern cut shirts have lower arm-holes than the jacket ... that will then bunch up, when you put on the jacket.

The sleeve length is good, and you certainly got the fit right, so all you have to do is wear it ..... a lot.


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Fit looks good.

Don't mean to get personal but ya gotta do sump'm about those eyebrows and your look'n a bit jaundice, maybe lay off the vodka ;)


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It's Secret Asian Man.

My friends kind of say I look like him. :roll: :lol:

Pit-to-pit is 22, like David said. It was advertised as 21.75 which is close enough. When I measured it, it came out to just a smidge under 22.


Sleeve length is always an issue. What looks good standing probably seems short when driving.
I have a US authentic which, when I got it, had 100% tunneling when standing. WHen driving, it was exactly right. I wore it for 7 months then sent it back to have 1.5" taken off. It now looks good standing, but driving pulls up a bit. I wish now I had only taken off 1" but it is still pretty good.


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That's a sharp fit, nice and trim, sleeves right and not too tight in the chest. Just gotta get some miles on it, enjoy.