Restored California Sportswear G-1 Mil-J-7823


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My newest acquisition and first original jacket: a size 46 California Sportswear G-1 Mil-J-7823, courtesy of eBay. The seller said it had been restored (assuming knits, lining, and possibly the mouton) by someone else before he purchased it. Based on the limited information out there, this is apparently a rare contract, only produced for one year - 1960. It was also said that sizing on this contract runs large and that is definitely the case. I think a 44 would be my ideal size maybe even smaller, as this is quite roomy on me. I could easily fit a sweater or additional layers under this. The goatskin is thinner than my Aero or Fivestar, but it's still in a good shape and has plenty of character. The knits are proper rib-rack and feel quite sturdy; even the hem knit. The mouton is in perfect shape and feels lovely on the neck.

Some oddities about the jacket restoration: I'm not sure why the restorer went with a purple lining and although it's my favorite color, it would not have been my choice. Per the example on John Chapman's CD, the original lining was gray or possibly dark green in color, so I don't know why they didn't just go with that. The other oddity is that the zipper is YYK branded, but has a black Conmar pull. I'm guessing the original Conmar zipper got replaced, but they kept the original pull. Neither impacts wearability, so they don't bother me too much.

Given that it runs so large on me, I feel like this might be a good donor candidate towards Shawn/Fivestar's proper G-1 efforts. That it's a rare contract, and a pattern that would probably flatter larger dudes are points in its favor. What do you guys think?

Front Fit Open
by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

Front Fit
by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

Back Fit
by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

by Aaron Frost, on Flickr

More photos and closeups are in the Flickr Album if you care to see.

Here are the measurements:
Chest: 25"
Hem: 23"
Knit: 21.5"
Shoulder: 20"
Sleeve: 26.5" (24" + 2.5" knit)
Front Zip Length: 23"
Back Length: 26"
Knit Length: 3"
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I have owned two Cal Sports size 46 jackets over the years. a great contract, rare and agreed more roomy than most contracts - well made - enjoy!!!!


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Nice find @adfrost, btw perhaps the purple color is not that inaccurate after all.
I had an Unissued L.W. Foster from 1958 and the purple/blue tone was very obvious, these jackets came like this originally but with the normal wear and years that color started fading, of course the material used for restoration was not the correct rayon lining but that’s another story...

Here some pics of the Foster 58
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