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Hi guys received this from Ferry Van Den Hark curator of the Grave John S Thompson bridge museum in the Netherlands, glad I could help and interest in my tags interesting website and links also

Dear Mr. Collinson, Dear Jonathan,

I red your ad on Ebay about the reproduction vintage WWII bomb arming tags.

They will fit excellent in our Museum about Market Garden near the John S. Thompson Bridge in Grave (NL).

I would like to buy 3 of them for €11,42 each, ex.shipping of €2,85

Can I pay in Euro’s, on a Spanish bank account? I think that should be no problem, because you are living in Spain.

Maybe we as Museum are interested in more of them, but I will let you know.

In advance many thanks

Best Regards,

Mr. Ferry van den Hark



E-mail: [email protected]

Curator of:

Casematemuseum Grave


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Congrats Johnny !
Burt, follow up to tags, you'll find this very interesting as will others :D


Good afternoon.

I just Transfered €38,00 (you can keep the difference) to your bankaccount.

I send you some pictures of reenactment in our village of Grave, made last September 2022. In the Jeep was the special guest Ms Gavin, the daughter of Gen. James Gavin of the 82 US Airborne

Thanks for everything. Hope to receive the tags soon. I will keep your e-mailadress at hand.

If you come to the Netherlands next time and visit the bridge at Grave and out museum. I will give you a free tour.

Best Wishes, Ferry