Repro RAF Shearling / Irvin type jackets 2021


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There have been several in depth reviews of WW2 RAF shearling / Irvin type jacket offerings from Eastman and Aero this year but I want to better understand what companies are currently offering especially in terms of fleece weight and depth.

Eastman: Have recently released a lighter fleece version they call "Fly Weight". I believe it is safe to presume that their 1940 "Battle of Britain", 1942 & 1944 "Devon Fleece" versions are still produced in the standard heavier weight fleece.

Aero Leather: I confess to being a little confused as to their offerings specifically regards fleece weights. They currently have stock jackets available at £700. Made to order Coastal Command base price £825. Pre war base £825. Battle of Britain base £800 [Merino +£100], late war version base £800. With Ken being absent and given we are into the Christmas shutdown period, can those who have purchased examples of the various models over the past year throw some light onto the weight and fleece depth of the various priced versions available?

What Price Glory appear to still be offering their light weight version.

Are there other companies who currently offer good quality, accurate reproduction RAF shearling / Irvin type jackets?


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Among other things what I would like to get a handle on is the difference in the fleece of the Aero stock jackets at 700 notes and made to order ones at 800.

Apart from Aero & ELC are there any other makers of accurate repros now?


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My Merino BoB in size 44 with an extra inch in length is 2.3kg / 5.1lb. I remeasured fleece and inside body is 12-14 mm and collar is 15mm.

I guess that the merino is lighter in weight than a 'full' Irvin. I gather that you get the same shearling whether stock £700 or base £800, but the latter allows you to enter some element of customisation, which could extend to whether you want more grain.