Repro Flight Jackets for sale observation


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Thought I'd make an observation...
As I'm pretty sure many of you do also, I keep regular tabs on what's going for sale on Ebay, and the sale and classifieds pages of the top repro makers. Just in case...
What I've noticed, is that there are regularly Eastmans, Goodwears and Aero's to be found, but very few Bill Kelso's.
Sure there have been one or two on occasion, but very few compared to the others... All of these makers have been around a while and have made a prolific number of jackets to date.
I guess I am intrigued as to why this is.


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I’d been wondering the same. I also noticed that, when BK does show up, its frequently Andy selling something a test jacket or something a customer returned.

In response to the question though, I think partly it’s that ELC and Aero produce so many jackets, compared to the smaller operations like GW and BK. The companies like Thurston Bros. and Drifter Productions account for a lot of the eBay traffic. Notice that GW is less common on eBay than ELC or Aero, although maybe more common than BK.
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Yes, maybe that's the case. Interesting.
GW, ELC and Aero also have their own sales pages... I've consistently seen GWs on Ebay the last few months, not as many as ELCs... And mostly in sizes 44 and 46.
Palton's Dubows are only recent offerings, so wouldn't expect many to show up, and they don't.


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Seems like ELC are the most abundant I see, and this is no surprise due to the volume of jackets they have made, combined with the number of years they have been making them.

Aero and GW show up a lot, but I don't see them as much as ELC.

I think most people outside of this forum and the hat place don't really know of Bill Kelso. Either that, or they just get listed as 'Eastman' by mistake?


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Yeah eBay takes quite a hefty commission off the sales price.
Agree with all of you. Between EBay and PP you can figure on loosing a minimum of 14% of your sale price. And furthermore if you live in the US EBay now collects state sales tax which can range from an additional 7 to 10% added to the sales price the buyer has to pony up if he wants to purchase your item. That hurts your ability to sell your stuff .
Oh I almost forgot , EBay also charges the seller 1 % of the shipping cost . Total greed.
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