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Renaissance Wax


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I have this wax for treating furniture but what is your opinion as it use for leather jacket old and new, for storage or wear? Also would you apply it over a jacket artwork/decal to protect it?
So the empirical evidence here is to take care over what it is you are asking.


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may I add that renaissance wax smells bad. I wouldn't coat my entire jacket in it just for that reason alone. LOL!


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let me add this.
they do hot stuff some leathers with waxes. These leathers were tanned for such treatments though such as Horween's CXL leathers. If it was not meant to have this treatment, don't do it. my guess is you'd regret it.

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i am going to experiment with using an old formulae of bees wax mixed with extra virgin olive oil [dont get me started with the virgin stuff]. slowly melting the wax with the oil makes a goop kinda like chapstick. this is a very old, and simple recipe. something of this sort is used by theo at thedi leathers. the results van be seen when ya google thedi leathers and the pix come up.