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    Good morning, everyone-

    I recently picked up a used cowhide jacket which I discovered fairly quickly was owned by a cat owner. I'm allergic to cat dander and started getting pretty itchy. The jacket is already nicely moisturized so I'm hesitant to overdue it with another application of Pecards. It's not high-end by any means, so I don't think anything aggressive like a run in the wash would turn out well. Also fits perfectly, so I don't want to risk shrinkage. Does anyone have any ideas how one would effectively clean dander off a jacket?
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    It's probably cat danders (microscopic skin flakes), that have attached themselves to the lining rather than the leather. Try turning the jacket completely inside out and vacuuming it with a vacuum cleaner with a pet hair grade filter. Better still get someone else to vacuum it.
    If it still makes you itch then at your own risk - (I've done it with no harm), wipe the jacket lining with a white vinegar and water mix. Allow the jacket to air and dry - still inside out in a sunny windy dry place outside. This will help to get rid of any vinegary smells. Vinegar denatures proteins and should neutralise any remaining dander.
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