Regrets, I’ve had a few

Discussion in 'General Flight Jacket Discussion' started by Peter Graham, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. johnwayne

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    I certainly regret taking a nice 2 tone DaVinci lounge shirt bought from Johnson's for a princely sum to my local dry cleaners who ruined it after only one wear! Had to take them to small claims court for my money!! My regret in flight jackets was passing on an original A2 for £150 'cos I didn't think it was legit as I didn't recognise the label - a Security Aviation Togs 324-85, wonder what might be worth now?
  2. Ken at Aero Leather

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    Hi Stainer

    I haven't seen either in 30 years, Joy went into nursing and Tim's career really took off, last I heard he was designing car interiors.
    The other artist we used was Paul Stagg
    Paul is without equal when it comes to painting flight jackets........his work is miles ahead of any other artist I've ever come none!

    Prices to match last time I asked for a quote :>) but he really understands the genre, unconditionally guaranteed

    PS My first shop was in Kensington Market 1968-72
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    This year I've sold my Cockpit USA 21st Cen. A-2, an AVI Bronco A-2, an ELC RW B-10, and an authentic 1984 A-2 Deck Jacket. Sadly I don't regret letting any of them go now as none of them fit very well, which brings me to the point that I've only regretted clicking the button and waste my money only to sell them at lower price later, instead of saving all that wasted cash for a nice real high-end jacket that would fit.

    Even more regretful is the fake B-15 jacket I received 2 days ago, which I am still waiting for the seller to offer a full refund or reasonable compromise. I didn't need it as I already have an ELC B-15 but I guess I was way too ill and ignorant to know better. Heck, I now regret joining the forum since there's literally no way back ;)
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    hahahahaha, written as the true damned. welcome to the 9th circle.
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  5. Monsoon

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    Harrisburg, PA
    9th Circle is quite right.

    As I always said, "Welcome to the Abusement Park."
  6. Thomas Koehle

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    Mexico Aguascalientes
    Fingers crossed so far i was never „burnt“ before when ordering/buying any of my jackets ...

    I saw your posts about your B15 „experience“ ...
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