Real McCoy’s a2


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I personally think the fit is spot on... In a modern slim fit interpretation. The back shot looks like there's enough room.

Up to you. Do you want an A2 with modern slim proportions? Or do you want a more classic roomier cut?

As far as comfort. Is it horsehide? If so, it's gonna fight you until you break it in. But if you can return it for a larger size, I'd do it now. If you keep futzing with it, they might not swap it.

Nice jacket!

Okay thanks I’ll take your advice probably needed the 44 it’s a bit uncomfortable


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Is there a way I can get it worn in quicker can you soak it and wear like you would with a pair of jeans it’s a bit uncomfortable under the armpits thanks for your comments most appreciated cheers
It does look tight under the armpits. Probably feels uncomfortable. That feeling will never go away.
Going up one size would probably work. An A2 jacket should be comfortable to wear.

I would suggest taken measurements of the jacket and record them in a spreadsheet. Do this with any A2 jacket you get, this will help with sizing of future purchases.


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Yes I’m going to sell I will put it on for sale what’s the going price ?
Usually whatever you think is fair to yourself and the potential buyer.
Great jacket by the way.
Good luck with your sale.


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Have a look on Ebay for Real McCoy Roughwear A-2... Just to give you an idea.
Prices range from circa £460 to over £1000, but consider you can get a brand new top tier Bill Kelso Roughwear A-2 for £770, and a Dubow from JaDubowmfg for 450 Euros!!!
Be open to offers.
I've been here many times... Good luck with the sale

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I personally think it's passable but i do not like this kind of fit it reminds me of a growing kid about to outgrow his clothes. Also this fit would not work over an ANS 31 flight suit and be comfortable . To much is made of this must be tight jacket to be correct homage to WW2 USAAF ,to me its BS . But it's you the owner that has to like it not me many would disagree with me on this point . More pictures would be helpful ! .



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I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there that’s how I feel like a growing kid out grown it anyone interested I’ll except £850