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“3rd Bomb Wing Douglas B-26 Invaders & Crew, Korea 1951 ”


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caption: "Pilots of the 26th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Group, China. They are (From left standing) Major Edward M. Nollmeyer, Lt. Joseph K. Bavuso and Lt. Von C. Weller Jr.; (Seated) Lt. John W. Sherak, Lt. Douglas H. MacDonald, Lt. John N Machin, Captain William P. Rogers and Captain Leonard Hicks. There are 8 men there, but one is mostly hidden."

Found that pic at a neat page on Facebook called "Remembering the CBI - China Burma India in WWII". Lots of really cool pics of soldiers, sailors and airmen (and women) in the CBI theatre.


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Hm.. didn't know that they wore Soviet flight jackets :)

I was familiar with an instructor who had trained them in the USSR during the war. It must be said that he had a very low opinion of them as pilots, most of them went through the training program 2 times and even extra hours hardly made pilots out of them, and very low quality ones in his opinion.


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Thanks for the photos.
!. Many years ago I flew with a retired AF pilot who flew the B-26-night missions. He had nothing
good to say.
2. Many moons ago I attended a pilot initial course. My sim partner was a former Iraqi Air Force pilot. He offered me his flight jacket for my ELC house A-2. His jacket was too big and mine too small. Oh well..
3. I would presume the young lady was not taught by an "old timer" as to how to hand prop.