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I think this jacket is the same as the 1st photo, - judging from the color of the collar, the big whistle, although the left sleeves patch is missing. I think he has another non-patched A2 -2nd photo
Something I observe about Mr. Ralph Lauren are:
1) ALL his leather jackets are all very well beaten up
2) He kept only "a few" of his clothing , for many years - decades, not withstanding he can have as many as he like
3) That I am still learning, very hard, in all his photos, it always like he is wearing the jackets/ suits/ outfit, Not vice-versa. It is not form-fit, but it is not loose either. Sometimes for example the sleeves a bit little longer in the 2nd A2 and perhaps in some denim jacket shown in other photos that i kept, but it just look fine, very good. He just manged to get the drape, the fit, the textures, the matching all combined spot-on - no wonder - he is Ralph Lauren!

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One of the greatest marketeers in history. I don't think anyone before or since has 'got' selling a lifestyle and bottling 'authenticity' as much as Ralph. The guy is a genius.

He also is pretty clearly into his military jackets - over the years his brands have done some remarkably accurate A-2, G-1, N-3B and N-2B copies. For a 'fashion' brand, they're really very good indeed. They beat CockWings USA, that's for sure.

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ole ralphy has a nearly floor through vault of 1930s,40s, 50s, gear. this includes mil, civy and womens gear. you name it, hes got it. pssst, wath for the doc about ralphy coming out at the end of the year, or early next year.
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RL military copies turn up in my local TK Maxx from time to time, and I’ve always been impressed by them. There was a decent MA-1, and a field jacket which if they’d had in my size, I’d have bought. Wouldn’t pay the silly money for those efforts though, even if I had it.


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Not sure which contract his A2 is but the collar looks kind of Dubow. Maybe its been re-dyed for late WW2 re-issue and the surface peeled off over time?