QUIZ Time again!


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He was also René Mouchotte's wingman the day he was killed, and lots of pilots from the 341 deemed him responsible of his death as he left his leader to follow a german plane.
Al Deere mentions in "Nine Lives" how he did the same thing to Chris Martell. Not the most attentive wingman by the sounds of it at the beginning of his service career.

Greg Gale

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Good point, Cocker. Many things don't really add up. Also, he describes escorting an American raid on Rouen in late April 1944 where he almost went in and shot at the Flying Fortresses. I haven't found any records of such a mission, apart from a night RAF raid on April 19th. The way he describes the Schweinfurt raid (2nd) is incorrect too, according to the book the RDV-d with the bombers on their way back before they actually dropped their bombs according to official records. A bit "Hollywood"...yes...but also damn well written!


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Exactly, a very enjoyable read, but one has to take it with a pinch of salt. He was what we call in french, "une grande gueule", a big mouth, but such a wonderful story teller!