Question on 391st Fighter Sqd image, related patch or not ????

Discussion in 'Jacket Art / Patches - Original and Reproduction' started by EMBLEMHUNTER, Oct 25, 2018.


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    I recently found this image online of a 391st Fighter Squadron P-47 , fuselage coding A8-M, and a patch I believe to be related to the "nose art" on the cowling, the P-47 has a fuselage name of "Mary Prechus" also, if anyone can add to this I would appreciate any additional info, the patch is chennielle make and I believe to be a "personal" type patch, but one person suggested that the costs to have a "one off" type made may to 391st Fighter Squadron P-47 'Mary Prechus' (3).jpg tie them together , anyway I feel it's a match as to the image and the patch, Opinions ?????????

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