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    Is it possible to create a new sub forum that might be called researching jackets and related gear or something similar with I don't know the term is it "sticky 'at the top that links can be added to so they are all in one place.
    If it is possible I have some.

    Alphabetical list of Supply Contracts of WWII of the USA
    This report was published in September 1945 and includes thousands of pages of military contracts issued during World War II. These contracts are listed alphabetically by manufacturer.
    This report covers contract with a value of $50,000 and over awarded by the Army, Navy, Maritime Commission, Treasury Procurement Division (lend-lease awards only) and purchasing missions of foreign governments and reported to the War Production Board June 1940 through September 1945. Because of the lag in reporting, this listing does not include a substantial number of the contracts awarded June through September 1945.
    Contract for construction and production facilities, awards for foodstuffs and food processing and contracts for utilities such as water, heat, steam, power and electricity are excluded.

    Completion Date
    In some cases contracts are reported to the War Production Board without a scheduled completion date. In these cases an estimate is made fo the completion and is identified by an asterisk.

    An establishment covers facilities of an individual company located in one municipality. Two or more facilities operated by a company in the same municipality are considered one establishment. Different divisions of a corporation, however, are considered separate establishments even when located in the same municipality.

    History of RAF flight clothing
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